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Catalogue 2016

Catalogue 2016

Download our catalogue with all our new innovations!

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Moerman Dura-Flex Rubber = UNIQUE!

Moerman Dura-Flex Rubber = UNIQUE!

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Hygienic Monoblade floor squeegee

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FDA approved materials are essential as a basic for your floor squeegee for areas that require the highest level of hygiene such as in food industry, professional kitchens, hospitals, labs and pharmaceutical industry...

The new Hygienic Monoblade Squeegee of Moerman is a one-piece strong and durable floor squeegee that works excellent on smooth surfaces - as well floor and walls, made of FDA-approved materials. The effective double splash guard makes it possible to handle this with a push or pull movement.

  • optimal socket handle design
  • protected soft touch edges
  • ideal for smooth surfaces
  • autoclavable 138°C
  • one piece squeegee: no hidden bacteria
  • high tear and wear resistance
  • use for floor, as well for walls
  • smooth waterflow and minimal splash
  • strong and durable body and handle socket
  • effective double splash guard for push and pull application


Logistic information

Available in 5 colors.

Sizes: 300 - 400 - 500 - 600 mm / 12" - 16" - 20" - 24"

A handy grip will be made available. 

Choose the matching Moerman Fiberglass handle.